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"Le déclin", what is it ?

What is "le déclin" ?

Two activities, two passions...

Urban exploration

Visiting places that were once alice, now neglected by everyone. Urban exploration has some rules : never break in, never steal anything and never give locations. Explorers are ghosts. We are invisible, and we only take pictures.


By which one immortalizes an object at a given moment of its existence. In this way, we capture a fragment of it to keep track of this precise moment during its slow evolution. The abandoned places are a great playground. Gigantic factories or mansion filled with old junk, each photographer finds his happiness.

Both activities can seem antagonistic

One of them consists in witnessing the effets of time, while the other consists in stopping its action. 

But we rather try to immortalize a particular state before it disappears. Abandoned buildings can show a pretty good lifetime after the departure of their occupants. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t. The ephemeral is at the heart of exploration. We take pictures at a precise moment.

Everything evolves. There is a desire to capture these places and immortalize them before this heritage gets destroyed, vandalized… Thus, there is always a memory of what is no longer existing. Sometimes rehabilitated, it remains interesting to remember this moment of transition when the place was deserted by all, apart from some curious explorers.

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